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Whether your land itinerary includes multiple destinations or a simple pre-cruise night, we offer a multitude of things to do along the way. We have sightseeing options that allow you to move at your own pace as well as those with set schedules. It is up to you to decide how you want to explore the many aspects of the fascinating cities you will visit.

Allow us to arrange dinner at the Eiffel Tower, attend a concert in Vienna or serenade you along the canals of Venice. Our existing range of sightseeing and touring options are extensive and we are always coming up with new adventures. We often create original and unique excursions at the request of our guests. We offer a number of entrances which allow our guests to skip the long queues and gain preferential entrance. There are unescorted entrance tickets to many attractions while others require guests to join a group to gain access.

Our sightseeing and touring options are not restricted to monuments, palaces and museums. We like to bring more to you with winery excursions and wine tasting tours, shopping excursions, cooking classes and demonstrations, rafting, dinner-shows, theatre shows and concerts. These options are not available in every destination but we do our best to bring the adventure to you.

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