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The core of the Personalized Services brand are Custom Built Itineraries. This is where we excel and that for which we are best known. While other companies may offer similar services, we truely bring Affordable Luxury to the table with unique itineraries at exceptional value. Take inspiration from one of our Exceptional Adventures and modify it to suite your travel style and tastes or start from the beginning andwe will create a Boutique Journey just for you.


Inspired Boutique Journeys

Boutique Journeys are the result of designing your travel experience with a PS personal planning expert. These journeys are private; just for you and your guests. Your travels will be enhanced with the best local vehicles available for your transportation needs and guides who posess in-depth local knowledge and expertise to make the most of your adventure. Behind the scenes, you will also have a dedicated, organised team, offering the highest standards of personalised service.


The Planning Process

There is no better way to arrange a Boutique Journey than to understand your guest. A Travel Specialist will then work with your travel professional to determine what is right for your adventure. Your specialist will spend time learning what you like, what is on your "must see" agenda and the places you would like to visit. Understanding a guest's needs and wants are essential, therefore many questions may be asked to bring a journey to life. Your specialist will share his knowledge about your destination and give suggestions about how to enhance your experience. Together with your travel professional, your itinerary will be refined before the process is completed.

Your Boutique Journey will then come to life and be presented in a comprehensive tailor-made itinerary.


Support & Delivery

Your journey has been created and as your trip nears and excitement builds, your Travel Specialist will be on hand to answer any questions that may arise - from local destination driving distances to restaurant recommendations. Your journey will be augmented by expert local guides; qualified professionals who are passionate about what they do and where they live.

Support is always a phone call away, if you should desire it. From the person coordinating pick-up times and locations to the individual re-confirming the following day's activities. A team of dedicated professionals are always working behind the scenes in an effort to ensure you get the most out of every day of your vacation.


Above & Beyond

In many destinations, Personalized Services in coordination with our local partners have the ability to arrange access to sites that are not available only to select individuals. We can arrange a host of activities, from private visits to Museums and Monuments (including the Vatican Museums and Highclare Castle), guided tours by noteable professionals in specific fields of interest, to private dinners at archeological sites and museums.

Get insired and let our Boutique Journeys help take you far beyond your destination.

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