Personalized Services is renowned for creating unique boutique journeys with complete strategic trip planning in the most extraordinary destinations. Each carefully crafted journey features exciting cultural encounters, expert local guides and delivers a personal adventure like no other. Expert destination specialists are on hand to ensure attention to detail and incredible value.


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PS introduces quick-select Discovery Packages before and after you sail. Each package is designed to engage the visitor with the rich history, traditions and inner spirit of your port city of embarkation or disembarkation.


Introducing Exceptional Adventures. Trips designed to take the well travelled off the beaten track and on a journey of diversity, with intimate and authentic experiences at unbeatable value for your travel dollar.

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Tailored Boutique Journeys made just for you. Create a unique itinerary that focuses on the things that interest you; making it an unforgettable experience with the best private services and attention to detail.

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A collection of memorable and intimate Private Cruise Shore Excursions for guests who require flexibility with those closest to them. Work with a destination specialist to build an adveture that's right for you.

Our Global Network affords PS the ability to provide a large range of specialty services in a multitude of destinations. We provide a US based solution interface on behalf of foreign partners to enhance our client's portfolios. Local offices are at hand to resolve service needs and liaise with our offices at home. Our Global Network of travel providers ensure clients are always connected.

Personalized Services is proud to work with the Travel Agent community to leverage the power and appeal of knowledge and experise. We specialize in creating tailored packages for clients who appreciate the experiences of our product range. Our clients understand the need for our level of customization and look to us to solve their challenges. Contact us at to see how we can work together to achieve your objectives and increase revenues.

PS offers its partners a high level of customer care with the knowledge to support the products we offer on their behalf. Companies ranging from leading cruise lines to localized destination management agencies reply on the PS brand to enhance and deliver their unique products.