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Private guides can be available from the moment you arrive. In countries where you find a language barrier, this is a most convenient option. A personal guide can be with you for the duration of your stay or only at certain times of the day. They can reveal to you the hidden treasures of a city or advise on the best places to shop. They can take you to the best restaurants in town or even show you the local lifestyle away from tourism centers.

On your travels, time is often limited in cities with much to see and explore. A private guide will help make the most of your time by focussing your visit on the main sites of the city or on your particular interests. By arranging a private guide through PS, we will pre-arrange your visits and place emphasis on what you would like to see and do. Your personal guide can also maximize your visit by specially pre-arranging site entrances and structuring your day's itinerary with your needs in mind.

Private guides are available speaking many languages. They can act as translators or help you bargain at the local markets or help you understand what is happening around you. We work only with licensed guides in each city to ensure the utmost level in professionalism, courtesy and knowledge.

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